An example of the default expansion problem for the RowExpander control in Extjs

  • 2020-03-30 01:29:00
  • OfStack

//Expand a row that meets a condition
function expendRow() 
var i;//Cyclic temporary variable
var arr = [];//Array of rows to expand
for(i=0;i<;i++)//ProdRequireInfoStore is the data source of the gridpanel
var record = ProdRequireInfoStore.getAt(i);//Loop through each row

if('3'){//If it fits my criteria, I'll write it into the array
for(var j =0;j<arr.length;j++){//Traversal group expansion calls the toggleRow(index) method to expand a row


//Calls the callback function to expand the default line when the data source is loaded

params: { 
dir: 'DESC', 
start: 0, 
limit: 20, 
KeyWord: '' 

callback:expendRow //The callback function expands the default line

So that when you open the gridpanel you can implement the default expansion of the RowExpander

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