Two methods of jQuery plug in development and a detailed explanation of $.fn.extend

  • 2020-03-30 01:24:50
  • OfStack

There are two types of jQuery plug-in development:

1 class level

Class level you can think of as extending jquery classes, the most obvious example being $.ajax(...) , equivalent to a static method.

Use the $.extend method, i.e. JQuery.extend(object), when developing methods to extend it;

add:function(a,b){return a+b;} , 

minus:function(a,b){return a-b;} 

Page call:
var i = $.add(3,2); 
var j = $.minus(3,2); 

2 object level

The object level can be understood as an object-based extension, such as $("#table").changecolor (...) ; So here's changeColor, which is an object based extension.

The $.fn.extend method, i.e. JQuery.fn.extend(object), is used when developing methods to extend it.

return this.each({ 
return this.each({ 

Page call:

3, extension,
$.xy = { 
add:function(a,b){return a+b;} , 
minus:function(a,b){return a-b;}, 
voidMethod:function(){ alert("void"); } 
var i = $.xy.add(3,2); 
var m = $.xy.minus(3,2); 

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