Jquery check box to select and uncheck the example

  • 2020-03-30 01:07:47
  • OfStack


A: when you click the checkbox, select all the subcheckboxes, and then click to uncheck all the checkboxes

B: if one child check box is selected, the parent check box is selected. If all children check boxes are not selected, the parent check box is not selected

function selectAll(mainId,klass){
 $("." + klass).each(function(){
     if($("#" + mainId).attr("checked")== "checked"){
      $(this).attr("checked", "checked");

The above implementation selects and unchecks all subboxes, and the implementation of the data receives an array of check boxes in the controller

function checkSonCheckBox(father,son){
  if($(this).attr("checked")== "checked"){
//      Console.log (" at least one child check box selected!" );
//      Console. Log (" all child checkboxes not selected!" );

The above implementation allows one child check box to be selected so that all child check boxes are not selected so that the parent check box is not selected

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