JS gets the select option text_value method

  • 2020-03-30 01:07:31
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HTML code:

<select id="month" onchange="selectInput(this)">
    <option  value="01">January</option>
    <option  value="02">February</option>
    <option  value="03">March</option>
    <option  value="04">April</option>
    <option  value="05">May</option>
    <option  value="06">June</option>
    <option  value="07">July</option>
    <option  value="08" selected="selected">August</option>
    <option  value="09">September</option>
    <option  value="10">October</option>
    <option  value="11">November</option>
    <option  value="12">December</option>

Get the value, text of the selected object in select with jQuery

    $("#month").change(function() {

It is easy to use JS to get the value of a select object

function selectInput(oSelect) {

What if I want to use JS to get the text of the select object?

function selectInput(oSelect) {

If select does not have a default then let the first one be the default, okay?

document.getElementById("test " ).options[0].selected=true;

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