Make jquery mask layer effect navigation menu code sharing

  • 2020-03-30 01:04:49
  • OfStack

Jquery navigation is an indispensable module of a website. When a user is browsing on a website, he or she will view the navigation bar of the website for a certain purpose. It is important to highlight the effect of the navigation bar. So you must use one effect: the jquery mask layer. Use shading to highlight the current user's actions.

$(function() {
var $oe_menu= $('#oe_menu');
var $oe_menu_items= $oe_menu.children
var $oe_overlay= $('#oe_overlay');
var $this = $(this);
$this.addClass('slided selected');
var $this = $(this);
var $this = $(this);
var $this = $(this);

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