Onbeforeunload event is prompted when the browser is closed

  • 2020-03-30 01:04:25
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Onbeforeunload event it is used like this:

<script language="javascript">  
    g_blnCheckUnload = true;  
    function RunOnBeforeUnload() {      
        if (g_blnCheckUnload) {
        window.event.returnValue = 'You will lose any unsaved content';        
<body  onbeforeunload="RunOnBeforeUnload()"> 

This causes the onbeforeunload event to be triggered every time the browser window is closed or a new page is flushed.

Extract as follows: onbeforeunload event:


Object. Onbeforeunload = handler
< Element onbeforeunload = "handler"... > < / element>
Description: when the event is triggered, a dialog box with "ok" and "cancel" will pop up. The handler can set a return value as the display text for the dialog.

Triggered by:

Close the browser window
When going to another page through the address bar or favorites
Click back, forward, refresh, one of the home pages
When clicking on a url to link to another page
When any of the following events are called: click, document write, document open, document close, window close, window write, window NavigateAndFind,location replace,location reload,form submit.
When you open a page with window open and pass the name of the window on that page to the page you want to open.
When you re-assign the value of location.href.
When submitting a form with the specified action via the input type= "submit" button.
It can be used in the following elements: BODY, FRAMESET, window

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