A brief introduction to the use of the Google of Local Search API

  • 2020-03-30 00:02:51
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It took two days to build this little thing using Google's API, but there wasn't a lot of actual implementation code, just a dozen lines. The time-consuming work is to understand the capabilities of the various apis and debug JavaScript.

So let's talk a little bit about some of the functions that I'm going to use this time.

The & # 8226; The constructor Google. Search. LocalSearch ()

This is actually creating a Service for LocalSearch that, like any other Service (News, Blog, Web), is used by SearchControl. These services determine the capabilities of the SearchControl.

The & # 8226; Set the type of search structure for LocalSearch

LocalSearch. SetRestriction (Google search. Search. RESTRICT_TYPE, Google, search, localSearch. TYPE_KMLONLY_RESULTS)

This means that the search results have no business results, only KML and geocode results

The & # 8226; Set the search range for LocalSearch

LocalSearch. SetCenterPoint (" Beijing ");

The & # 8226; Google. Search. SearcherOptions ()

Set the Search Service (a Searcher) attributes, as SearchControl. AddSearcher () an attribute is used, have the following options can choose:

1. Set the display mode of the result
The & # 8226; SearcherOptions. SetExpandMode (Google search. SearchControl. EXPAND_MODE_OPEN);

2.   Set file without search results when the text is displayed

The & # 8226;   SearcherOptions. SetNoResultsString (Google search. SearchControl. NO_RESULTS_DEFAULT_STRING);

3.   Set the location where the results will be displayed

The & # 8226; SearcherOptions. SetRoot (resultCanvas);

The & # 8226; The new Google. Search. DrawOptions ();

Set how Google Search Control is displayed

The & # 8226; DrawOptions. SetDrawMode (Google search. SearchControl. DRAW_MODE_TABBED)

Set the display mode to tabbed mode, that is, each Searcher is displayed like tabs

The & # 8226; DrawOptions. SetInput (document. GetElementById (" input "));

Change the default value of the search field to a user-defined field

The search result selected by the user is returned as a corresponding GResult object. For example, GResult of LocalSearch is a GLocalResult.

This option took me a long time to find, for two reasons. Second, I read the English documents, it took me quite a long time to understand, in fact, it took me longer to read the Chinese documents, I think.

The & # 8226; SearchControl. SetOnKeepCallback (this, LocalSearchKeepHandler);

By the way, I'm pailing LocalSearchKeepHandler's code with the GResult object that's automatically returned.

function LocalSearchKeepHandler(result) {
  var from = document.getElementById("from");
  alert("result.tilte = " + result.title);
  from.value = ProcessString(result.title);
  alert("from.value = " + from.value);
 // alert(result.title);

Simply post the code as a whole for easy reading

google.load("search", "1", {"language": "zh-CN"});
 function initialize() {
     //LocalSearch Object used to create a local search service for the maps
        var localSearch = new google.search.LocalSearch(); 
        //restrict the local search resutls to kml and geocode results only, no business ones
        localSearch.setRestriction(google.search.Search.RESTRICT_TYPE, google.search.LocalSearch.TYPE_KMLONLY_RESULTS);             
        // Set the Local Search center point
  localSearch.setCenterPoint(" Beijing "); 
  //It's about local search, which are used to set where the results will appear, a param of options
  var resultCanvas = document.getElementById("resultCanvas");       
  //options: open, alternate root
  var searcherOptions = new google.search.SearcherOptions();
  //show many results
  //no results message
  //options.setDrawMode(google.search.SearchControl.DRAW_MODE_TABBED);//web, local... in a tab show
  searcherOptions.setRoot(resultCanvas); //show the results in another place--<div id="resultCanvas">
     //SearchControl Object used to create a search service which will include a local search service                   
  var searchControl = new google.search.SearchControl(null);
  searchControl.addSearcher(localSearch, searcherOptions); 
  searchControl.addSearcher(new google.search.WebSearch());
  searchControl.addSearcher(new google.search.NewsSearch());
  searchControl.addSearcher(new google.search.BlogSearch());
  //draw options and set it to a tabbed view, 
  var drawOptions = new google.search.DrawOptions();
  //make the searchControl return a result:GResult
  searchControl.setOnKeepCallback(this, LocalSearchKeepHandler);//keeping a search result
  //this option is used to set the search box position in a DOM tree.
  //set the input box to a user defined element 
  // tell the search box to draw itself and tell it where to attach
 // searchControl.draw(document.getElementById("searchBox"), drawOptions);//Here I changed fromaddress and toaddress to search, a new place
  //another user defined input box
  /** The codes below is about google Ajax Map Search API
  //this code segment is used to add a sidebar to show the results of the search
  //I wonder why no 'var' exists here
   optinos = new Object();
   options.resultList = resultCanvas;
   options.resultFormat = "multi-line1";
   var lsc2 = new google.elements.LocalSearch(options);
   map.addControl(lsc2, new GControlPosition(G_ANCHOR_TOP_LEFT, new GSize(-282, -2)));

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