Js to get a null object solution

  • 2020-03-29 23:56:20
  • OfStack

The data that's being dynamically output on the page, this is the data that's being fetched by ajax and I'm going to show it on the page

        var arr = data.split('_');  
        var numArr = arr[0].split(",");  
        var numStr = "";  
        if(numArr.length==undefined || numArr.length==0){  
            $("#phonenolist").html(' I'm sorry , The corresponding number was not found !');  
            for(var i=0;i<numArr.length;i++){  
                numStr += "<li><a id='n_"+i+"' href="javascript:choose_mobile("  
                    + numArr[i].toString()+",n_"+i+");" class='buy'>"  
                    + numArr[i].toString().substring(0, 3)  
                    + "<span class='org'> "  
                    + numArr[i].toString().substring(3, 7) + " "  
                    + numArr[i].toString().substring(7, 11)  
                    + "</span></a></li>";  
            index = arr[1];  
            total = arr[2];  
             $("#curr").html('   The first '+index+' page , A total of '+total+' page  ');  
     function choose_mobile(num,id){  
        alert(num+" "+id);  

So my argument in js is going to be choose_mobile (number, object id), but when I execute js it just pops up the number, no id, so I was frustrated, and then I asked someone else, and in line 9, line 10, I put ' 'single quotes around the two arguments of the method,

    numStr += "<li><a id='n_"+i+"' href="javascript:choose_mobile('"  
        + numArr[i].toString()+"','n_"+i+"');" class='buy'>"  

So it worked. I was so confused before that js parsing strings is not quite the same as parsing strings of Numbers

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