How to choose Javascript Framework of Javascript Framework

  • 2020-03-29 23:55:04
  • OfStack

What are your project requirements
First ask yourself what it is a project, what is the specific requirements, is a common type of website or an online web application, whether to need to deal with a lot of keyboard and mouse events, whether you need all kinds of advanced ajax features to users, or as long as the realization of a simple asynchronous page refresh and some simple dom operation, if the latter, you can choose a relatively simple javascript framework, encapsulate basic xmlhttprequest and dom operation is enough.

Is there a core development team behind the framework
Many frameworks are often developed by individuals in business time and can be stopped from updating at any time. However, if there is a team behind, the code can be updated to a certain extent, timely response to bugs and problems, and the code quality can be relatively guaranteed.

Maturity of the framework
If a new framework has just been released and not many people use it, it may be difficult to find someone who can help you solve the problem or find information on the Internet if you rush to adopt it and encounter problems in the process of using it. So we have to think about that as well.

How often the framework is published and updated
A framework with a high release and update frequency indicates that new functions are constantly added or bugs are fixed quickly. On the contrary, a framework that does not release a version for half a year basically indicates that the framework has been ignored by developers and it is difficult to get new development.

Document friendliness
A framework, especially a relatively complex one, will have a high learning curve without sufficient and friendly documentation, and users often need to learn how to use and solve some problems by reading code and other external articles. So documentation is also an important factor.

Whether there is an active community
Some of the most successful open source frameworks have a community behind them where they share their experiences and help each other solve problems. For any problem, if you ask for help in such a community, you will soon be able to get help from others. Such a framework, even if not very mature at first, will quickly develop.

Performance and network environment
Different systems on the focus of performance and function are different, such as a project based on the Internet, may consider more is required on the premise of protect performance, in terms of function, many advanced javascript framework is often unsatisfactory on performance, in part because of encapsulates too multi-function, lead to js files can be very large, in the Internet environment, download this js file will take some time, and in order to protect such as extensibility framework, often do the multilayer encapsulation and abstract, to some extent at the expense of actually part of the cost of performance. So such a framework might be better suited to some Intranet in-house projects than internet-based ones.

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