The switch statement in swift in Swift

  • 2020-05-15 02:14:21
  • OfStack

Without further ado, I directly attached the code to you, as shown below:

     switch  statements 
    let str = "aAbBacdef"
    let str2 = "aAbBadef"
    let str3 = "aAbBadeff"
//    var array = [];
    for c in ["A", "a", str3]
      switch c {
//      case "a":
      case "a", "A":
      //  There must be 
     case "a":
     case "A":
      in  C In the language,   This writing   No matter meet  a A  Will perform  print("ldd") ; 
      in  Swift This is not allowed in China , But you could write it like this 
     case "a", "A":    The middle is separated by commas 
//    switch value {
//    case pattern:
//      code
//    default:
//      code
//    }
     c  In the language  
     case  The following is a  break ; 
      If I forget to write break .   The following statements are executed sequentially until executed break ; 
      but swift Language is seeing this 1 Just click, no break . To compare case After the conditions inside, 
      After executing the following statement, it exits automatically   the switch The statement. 
      If you want to continue   with fallthrough

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