Detail the service port number of OpenStack

  • 2020-10-07 18:57:35
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During the deployment of openstack, you will encounter endpoint configured for various services, and openstack USES url and ports to identify which type of service is being requested

The default port number used by the openstack component

openstack service default ports port type
Block Storage (cinder) 8776 publicurl and adminurl
Compute (nova) endpoints 8774 publicurl and adminurl
Compute API (nova-api) 8773, 8775
Compute ports for access to virtual machine consoles 5900-5999
Compute VNC proxy for browsers ( openstack-nova-novncproxy) 6080
Compute VNC proxy for traditional VNC clients (openstack-nova-xvpvncproxy) 6081
Proxy port for HTML5 console used by Compute service 6082
Data processing service (sahara) endpoint 8386 publicurl and adminurl
Identity service (keystone) administrative endpoint 35357 adminurl
Identity service public endpoint 5000 publicurl
Image service (glance) API 9292 publicurl and adminurl
Image service registry 9191
Networking (neutron) 9696 publicurl and adminurl
Object Storage (swift) 6000, 6001, 6002
Orchestration (heat) endpoint 8004 publicurl and adminurl
Orchestration AWS CloudFormation-compatible API (openstack-heat-api-cfn) 8000
Orchestration AWS CloudWatch-compatible API (openstack-heat-api-cloudwatch) 8003
Telemetry (ceilometer) 8777 publicurl and adminurl

The default port number used by non-ES13en components

openstack service default ports used by
HTTP 80 OpenStack dashboard (Horizon) when it is not configured to use secure access.
HTTP alternate 8080 OpenStack Object Storage (swift) service.
HTTPS 443 Any OpenStack service that is enabled for SSL, especially secure-access dashboard.
rsync 873 OpenStack Object Storage. Required.
iSCSI target 3260 OpenStack Block Storage. Required.
MySQL database service 3306 Most OpenStack components.
Message Broker (AMQP traffic) 5672 OpenStack Block Storage, Networking, Orchestration, and Compute.

A clear understanding of the ports of openstack services is of great help in learning openstack.

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