Detailed steps for installation and setup of Docker ES1en

  • 2020-06-07 05:51:00
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Detailed steps for es1EN-ES2en installation and setup

In version 1.12 of docker, swarm has been fitted and the three-piece set of ES7en-ES8en /swarm/ docker-ES11en has been turned into two pieces. Will the follow-up docker-ES13en into 1 step fit? If you want to do it, it should be easy to do it. If you don't want to do it, it will not be easy to do. Considering that ES14en-ES15en may disappear independently from docker's stage, write an installation document as a souvenir.

The easiest way

Download the 2-base ES22en-ES23en, put it where you want, set the executable x permissions, and add it to the PATH search path.

Install using pip method

Install pip

Although it is very simple, URL has confirmed, x permission setting and so on need to be done. If using pip to install, though it seems to be far away, it is actually far away, so let's have a look. An additional package of yum needs to be installed on CentOS before python-ES40en can be installed in this package, which is not available by default.

[root@host32 ~]# yum -y install epel-release
[root@host32 ~]# yum -y install python-pip

Confirm the version

[root@host32 ~]# pip --version
pip 7.1.0 from /usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages (python 2.7)
[root@host32 ~]#

Install docker - compose

[root@host32 ~]# pip install docker-compose

Thank you for reading, I hope to help you, thank you for your support to this site!

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