Oracle VM VirtualBox implements a Shared document access method for the host by installing an enhanced plug in under linux

  • 2020-06-07 05:47:15
  • OfStack

1. Install the enhancement plugin

1 Select "Device "--" Install Enhancements" and you can see that the iso enhanced file (ES4en.iso) is automatically loaded in the VIRTUAL machine's OPTICAL drive

Mount the CD-ROM in the linux

  mount /dev/cdrom  /mnt

Copy all files in /mnt file to /tmp directory

  cp -r /mnt/*  /tmp

Install the package before installing the enhancement file and restart after installation

  yum install kernel 
  yum install kernel-headers kernel-devel gcc gcc-c++ 

5 Execute the installation command in the /tmp directory


2. Share host documents

1 Select "Shared folder" in VM to add files to be Shared, here select "Fixed allocation" and remember the Shared folder name, such as linux

Mount the Shared folder under /mnt in linux

mount -t vboxsf linux( Shared folder name ) /mnt

3 You can access each other at this point, such as creating an txt file in /mnt, which you can see in the host folder.

/mnt# vi 1.txt

3. Additional methods needed to pass the host file into the Linux virtual machine

1 can use UltraISO and other cd-ROM production software to make the file into a cd-ROM image, and then loaded in the virtual machine CD-ROM drive, and then mounted in linux, you can.

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