win10 encountered server startup failure 80 port is occupied how to resolve

  • 2020-06-07 05:46:53
  • OfStack

Win10 prompts "server startup failed, port 80 is occupied"? The solution is as follows

The steps are as follows:

1. Run cmd as administrator;
2. Input: net stop http
Note: If prompted if you really need to stop these services, select "Y";
3. After completion, enter sc config http start=disabled

Other options :(if port 80 cannot be released, use the following solution)

Solution 1:

1. Ctrl+x, then select "Computer Management", expand "Services and Applications" and find "Services";
2. Find "World Wide Web Publishing Service", double-click it, change the start type to manual, and change the service state to "Stop";
3. If port 80 is still occupied, the following services need to be stopped:
"SSDP Discovery"
"Print Spooler"
"HomeGroup Provider"
"Function Discovery Resource Publication"
"Function Discovery Provider Host"

Solution 2:

1. Run regedit as administrator;
2. Open key: HKEY_LOCAL_ES67en-ES69en-ES69en-ES70en-ES71en;
3. Find the term Start on the right and change it to 0.
4. Restart the system. The System process will not occupy port 80.

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