windows nfs Server installation configuration tutorial

  • 2020-06-07 05:34:07
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windows7 Install nfs client command below:

Turn windows on or off > nfs services (checked) restart

hanewin(install nfs service under windows7) Use:

Download address: http: / / www hanewin. net /

After installation, the registration code needs to be generated:


1. After installation, the nfs server shall be configured first

NFS Server>Exports Configure the server directory 
d:\nfsroot -name:nfsroot -umask:000 -public -mapall:0

2. Start nfs service with administrator privileges (Start NFS Server)

It can also be managed directly on the computer > Services (NFS Server) start/stop services

3. Mount by command (close firewall)

View the host nfs service directory list

showmount -e 192.168.x.x


mount 192.168.x.x:/tool z:


umount 192.168.x.x:/tool z:


windows7 needs to configure the server when using hanewin > Extended character set > utf-8 select (otherwise problems will occur when manipulating files),

exports is configured as d:\ ES71en-ES72en :test


cygwin is an environmental tool that can run the linux command on windows

1. Install cygwin

By default, click the next step to select the download site and the default installation package.

nfs Service Plug-in Package (vim, ES95en-ES96en,sunrpc,cygrunsrv)

2. Right click on win7 to run cygwin to the administrator after installation

Before running, you need to create 1 user under win7 (otherwise, you will improve the computer after restarting the computer) and install nfs plug-in under cygwin environment with this user

3. Go to cygwin command line to install nfs

The "/" in the command line is the cygwin installation directory,

4. Install nfs - server

Run /usr/bin/ ES125en-ES126en-ES127en. First ask whether to install and enter yes. Then ask whether to use signel user mode

5. After installation, you can see protmap,mountd and nfsd3 in the windows service list

vim /etc/exportse
/nfsroot *(rw,sync,no_root_squash)
vim /etc/hosts.allow

There is no hosts. allow by default.


Right-click the nfs file and start it

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