VirtualBox's Linux Virtual machine text mode and graphics mode switching problem

  • 2020-06-03 09:01:40
  • OfStack

1. The default boot mode is text mode

If you want to boot into plain text automatically,


Find one of them


This line indicates that the runlevel at startup is 5, which is graphical mode

If I change it to 3, that's text mode


This is because the Linux operating system has six different runlevels (run level). Under different runlevels, the system has different states. The six runlevels are as follows:

0: Downtime (remember not to set initdefault to 0 as this will cause Linux to fail to start)

1: Single user mode, just like the safe mode under Win9X.

2: Multiple users, but no NFS.

3: Full multi-user mode, standard runlevel.

4:1 generally not, in some special cases can be used for 1 of a number of things.

5: X11, namely into the X-Window system.

6: Reboot (remember not to set initdefault to 6, as this will cause Linux to keep restarting).

Runlevel 3 is the standard Console character interface mode we will enter.

2. Exit ES53en-ES54en forcibly and enter text mode

Open 1 terminal

Input init 3

The above mentioned is the running level of linux, but I tried to run the command init3 under root, but the black box did not respond for half a day, startx is also waiting for half a day. Heart tired. Just keep looking for shortcuts,

It is still not difficult to enter graphics into text mode, I quickly tried ctrl+alt+f4(ps: other hosts can try ctrl+alt+f{1-6})

Finally y tried N times, have tried to enter chrome typing are problems shut down restart are fast to give up, suddenly found a new continent.

This is probably because f7 doesn't seem to be any kind of shortcut, so try alt+fn+f7 and get from text to graphics in seconds, not like startx.

ps: alt+fn+f7 and ctrl+alt+fn+f7 will do. It is the key on the left side of the keyboard, not ctrl on the right. Manual is funny.

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