SVN could not submit Can' est set file 'and db and txn_current' read write: access denied

  • 2020-05-27 07:53:53
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SVN could not submit Can' est set file "/db/txn_current" read-write: access denied

The reason:

The svn server was forced to shut down when the commit file was in use, resulting in an unsuccessful write to the version information file and incorrect reading after restarting!


Re-write the correct version information to the current, txn-current files.

1. Specify the version number (it is recommended to roll back one version, such as 300, to 299, in case the latest commit content is abnormal)
And delete the latest version (\Repositories\ProjectName\db\revprops\X)
2. Update txn-current (read and write permissions for this file must be set to read and write)
3. Update current
4. Refresh the folder from the svn server to view the version library to prove that the problem has been solved.


Understand what a file does

repository/db/current -- record the current version number
repository/db/ txn-current -- record the version information in the version store folder, for example, E:\Repositories\AnyWellSourceCode\db\revprops\0, the current value is 0, when editing, you must put enter after 0!

Thank you for reading, I hope to help you, thank you for your support of this site!

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