Install VMTool and the Shared folder in LINUX under VMWare

  • 2020-05-27 07:50:02
  • OfStack

1. Start installing Vmware and select VM-- > install VMware Tools

(Linux will automatically start downloading VMware Tools and save it under home/lmy/downloads)

2. Copy it to the desktop (right-click -copy to- select table-Extract here)

3. Open terminal (ctrl+alt+t),cd to the unzipped home/lmy/destop/ there is an distrib directory

4. Run sudo./ vmware-install. pl as a superuser

5.1 default options 1 step below

6. It takes about 34 minutes to learn to see the word enjoy

Here's the Shared folder:

1. VM- in VMWARE > SETTING. Select the OPTION TAB and then share a folder (select the file you want to share under windows, then under windows, just drag the file to this folder, then you can see in linux /mnt/hgfs, these two folders are actually one folder) goes to /mnt/hgfs and you can see the windows Shared files.

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