windows using redis requirepass authentication does not work

  • 2020-06-03 08:43:38
  • OfStack

Since windows USES redis below and has two profiles and we need to specify the profile since we did not specify the profile at startup

1, set the password, there are many online, two schemes, the first is the command line, the second is to modify the installation directory of redis. windows. conf configuration file, find # requirepass foobared, remove the comments, into!

requirepass myPassword,

ps: You will find that after the restart, the wool will not be useful. On the client side, enter the command config get requirepass and it will appear

1) "requirepass"
2) ""

Proceed to step 2

2, create redis-ES34en.exe shortcut, right click on the shortcut attribute, add after the target, here is the key, although you have modified the.conf file, but exe did not use this conf, so we need to manually specify 1 exe to run according to the modified conf, OK

If have a question welcome correct!

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