Turn on the CURL extension to enable the server to support the PHP CURL function of remote acquisition

  • 2020-03-31 21:34:18
  • OfStack

Curl, file_get_contents () (), snoopy. Class. These three remote PHP page fetching or acquisition tools, used in the hammer trace or abuse to use snoopy. Class. PHP, because he is high efficiency and without the aid of a specific configuration server, can be used in the ordinary virtual host, file_get_contents () efficiency is slightly lower, common failures, curl () high efficiency, support multithreading, but need to open the curl extensions. Here's what the curl extension does:

1, the three files to PHP folder php_curl. DLL, libeay32. DLL, ssleay32. DLL copied to system32;

2, php.ini(c:WINDOWS directory); Extension =php_curl. DLL semicolon removed;

3. Restart apache or IIS.

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