Introduction of PHP and detailed analysis of its advantages

  • 2021-12-21 04:26:41
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PHP is a kind of HTML embedded language, PHP and Microsoft's ASP are quite similar, are a kind of embedded HTML document script language, language style is similar to C language, is now widely used by many website programmers

The unique syntax of PHP is a mixture of the original syntax of C, Java, Perl and PHP. It can execute dynamic web pages faster than CGI or Perl. Compared with other programming languages, PHP embeds programs into HTML documents to execute dynamic pages made by PHP, and its execution efficiency is much higher than that of CGI which completely generates HTML tags; Compared with the script language JavaScript, which is also embedded with HTML documents, PHP executes on the server side, which makes use of the performance of the server; The PHP execution engine will also reside the PHP program frequently accessed by users in memory, and other users do not need to compile the program in good faith when accessing this program once, so long as they directly execute the code in memory, which is also the embodiment of the high efficiency of PHP

PHP is very powerful. All the functions of CGI or JavaScript can be implemented by PHP, and it supports almost all popular databases and operating systems


Open source code: All PHP source code is actually available

PHP is free. Compared with other technologies, PHP itself is free

The rapidity of PHP. The program is developed and run quickly, and the technology itself is learned quickly. Embedding with HTML: Because PHP can be embedded with HTML language, compared with other languages, it is easy to edit, practical and more suitable for beginners

High cross-platform: Because PHP is a script moving on the server side, it can run under Unix, Linux and Windows.

Efficiency: PHP consumes relatively little system capital

Image processing: Dynamic image creation with PHP

Object-oriented: In PHP, PHP5, object-oriented aspects have been greatly improved, and now PHP can be used to develop large-scale commercial programs

Professional focus: PHP supports scripting language, which is the same as c language

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