Example of CURD operation on database implemented by Yii framework

  • 2021-12-19 06:07:39
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In this paper, an example is given to describe the CURD operation of database realized by Yii framework. Share it for your reference, as follows:

First of all, to operate the database, you need to create an model with the same name as the database table and put it in the models folder


namespace app\models;
use yii\db\ActiveRecord;
// Inheritance ActiveRecord Realization CURD Operation 
class user extends ActiveRecord

Namespace has been omitted in the following code

namespace app\controllers;
use yii\web\Controller;
use app\models\user;

1. Query

The first is to query through sql

$sql = "select * from user where UserId = :id";
$res = user::findBySql($sql,['id'=>1])->all();
// If you only need to query 1 Bar data 
$res = user::findBySql($sql,['id'=>1])->one();

Second, query through find

$res = user::find()->where(['id'=>1])->one();

2. Increase

$user = new user();
// The fields in the direct database are assigned as attributes, and the attribute name should be the same as the data name, otherwise an error will be reported 
$user->UserName = "Doubly";
$user->Password = "123";
$user->Email = "doubly_yi@qq.com";
// Call user Object's save Method to save the 

3. Modifications

// First, get the object to be modified 
$user = user::find()->where(['UserId'=>1])->one();
// Set the properties that need to be modified 
$user->UserName = " Benefit ";
// Object that calls the update()

4. Delete

// First, get the object to be deleted 
$user = user::find()->where(['UserId'=>1])->one();
// Object of the execution object delete() Method 

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I hope this article is helpful to the PHP programming based on Yii framework.

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