PHP Encapsulated Simple Connection MongoDB Class Sample

  • 2021-11-24 01:10:24
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This article illustrates the simple connection MongoDB class encapsulated by PHP. Share it for your reference, as follows:

1. Encapsulate the MongoDB class

class MongoDB
  private $database;
  private $mongo;
  function __construct()
    $this->mongo = new MongoClient("mongodb://user:password@server_address:port/admin");
    $this->database = $this->mongo->selectDB("data");
    return $this->database->selectCollection($collection);
  // Gets all collection names 
  function getCollections() 
    return $this->database->getCollectionNames();
  // Select database 
  function selectDB($db)
    $this->database = $this->mongo->selectDB($db);

2. Simple call, insert data.

class DemoController extends CI_Controller
  function __construct() {
    //CI Load classes in 
    $this->load->library('mongo_lib', '', 'mongodb');
  // Insert 1 Bar data 
  function create()
    $data = array('name'=>'mike','email'=>';
    // Select the library, shell : user demo_db
    // Selection set ,db.demo_col.insert();
    $rebateCollection = $this->mongodb->getCollection('demo_collection');
    $res = $rebateCollection->insert($data);

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I hope this article is helpful to everyone's PHP programming.

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