Summary of 5 Methods of Generating Non repeating Random Numbers in PHP

  • 2021-07-26 07:03:25
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Whether it is Web application, WAP or mobile application, random numbers have their applications. In the recent contact with several small projects, I often need to deal with random numbers or random arrays, so for PHP how to generate non-repeating random numbers commonly used in a summary of several methods (ps: methods 1, 4 and 5 are commonly used by me, and the rest come from network collation)

Method 1:

$numbers = range (1,50);
//shuffle Scramble the array order immediately
shuffle ($numbers);
//array_slice Fetches a certain in the array 1 Segment
$result = array_slice($numbers,0,$num);

Method 2:

$numbers = range (1,20);
// Sow the seeds of random number generator, optional, and have no effect on the results after testing
srand ((float)microtime()*1000000);
shuffle ($numbers);
// Skip list No. 1 1 Values (the index is saved)
while (list(, $number) = each ($numbers)) {
echo "$number ";

Method 3:

function NoRand($begin=0,$end=20,$limit=5){
shuffle($rand_array);// Call the ready-made array random arrangement function
return array_slice($rand_array,0,$limit);// Before interception $limit A

The above can randomly generate 5 non-repeating values between 1 and 20

Method 4:


Method 5:

$tmp = range(1,30);

This may be simpler than it is called (ps: If you specify a step size in range, you must pay attention to whether the second parameter of array_rand exceeds the length of $tmp).

PHP provides a very rich array function, most random numbers can be generated from the perspective of arrays, if you have methods to provide, welcome to give, the article will continue to update.

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