Solution to the problem of invalid memory location access error in php

  • 2021-07-13 04:40:45
  • OfStack

The configuration environment is as follows:
Win2003SP2+IIS6+php5.26+mysql5.0. 51a+zend3.3a+PhpMyAdmin2.11. 7.1 PHP Execution Mode: isapi. Mysql is manually installed.

On "memory location access invalid" error resolution and steps: (1 some invalid debugging steps skip..)

1. Turn on the error display of IIS, and no error cause is found!

2. Check the IIS extensions, ISAPI, php. ini and Mysql configurations, and the corresponding installation directory ACLs permissions.

3. Recycle the IIS process, and the error still appears "invalid memory location access" ….

4. Turn on display_startup_errors = On in php. ini, and the problem is finally discovered … (Note: If you turn on display_startup_errors in php. ini, you will be prompted if there is an error in php, and it will be recorded in the event viewer. If set to display_startup_errors = Off, there will be no hint)

5. Error analysis

Cannot load module ' SQLite' because required module ' pdo' is no loaded

The above error message was finally discovered. The general meaning is that the support of SQLite desktop database is turned on in php. ini configuration, but the related pdo mode is not turned on, and the pdo module fails to load....

6. The solution is also simple, because the php_pdo. dll file was not loaded when php_sqlite. dll was loaded, so running the phpinfo () function prompts that the memory location access is invalid. Locate the php. ini configuration file and remove the semicolon before "; extension=php_pdo. dll", extension=php_sqlite. dll
Then recycle the IIS application pool process for 1 time, and the problem is completely solved.

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