Resolve php extension ES1en_curl.dll unloaded solution

  • 2020-06-23 00:00:46
  • OfStack

Method 1 (tested) already has php_curl.dll built in, which is used to support SSL and zlib in the ext directory.
extension= php_curl.dll found in php.ini, with the previous comment removed.
extension_dir=c:\php\ext, refresh PHP page, error: php_curl.dll
Copy es26EN_ES27en.dll to windows\system32, same error.
After searching for 1 on the Internet, you need to:
libeay32.dll, ssleay32.dll, php5ts.dll, php_curl.dll
Copy to system32 and restart apache.

Try method 2:
The php_curl.dll relies on two files (ES43en32.dll and ES45en32.dll). If the two files are not configured correctly, the dynamic library cannot be found. The two files are under the php directory.
Solution: Configure 1 in the httpd.conf file for Apache:
LoadFile "D:/webserver/php/ssleay32.dll"
LoadFile "D:/webserver/php/libeay32.dll"
Then restart the 1 apache service to ok.

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