Modification of ES0en. ini does not take effect Problem resolution of uploads files larger than 8M

  • 2020-06-15 07:50:23
  • OfStack

Abstract: Uploading files larger than 8M requires modifying the configuration of php to take effect. However, I found 1 heap of information about configuration modification on the Internet, but it did not take effect after I modified it.


Modify the php.ini option. There are many tutorials on the Internet, so you can search for them.
1. First use the root account and log in to the nobody account.
2. Then use the whereis php command to see where php.ini is and modify the file php.ini.
3. Finally, restart apache and it will take effect.

The nobody account here is the account used by apache and has very low permissions.
The main thing to note here is that the configuration file you modify must be the one used by nobody.
In general, if the configuration has been modified but does not take effect, consider whether there are multiple configurations on the machine.

The attached:
php Configuration Parameters related to File Upload

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