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Commonly used response status code

1** : Request received, continue processing
2** : operation successfully received, analyzed and accepted
3** : This request must be processed one step further
4** : Request contains 1 incorrect syntax or cannot be completed
5** : The server failed to execute 1 fully valid request

100 -- The customer must continue to make requests
101 -- Client asks server to convert HTTP protocol version on request

200 -- Successful transaction
201 -- Indicates URL for new files
202 -- Accepted and processed, but not completed
203 -- The return information is uncertain or incomplete
204 -- Request received, but return message empty
205 - The server completes the request and the user agent must reset the currently browsed files
206 -- The server has completed the GET request of some users

300 -- The requested resource is available in multiple places
301 -- Delete the requested data
302 -- Request data found at other addresses
303 -- Other URL or access methods are recommended
304 -- The client has executed GET, but the file has not changed
305 -- The requested resource must be obtained from the address specified by the server
306 -- Code used in previous version HTTP is no longer used in current version
307 -- Temporary deletion of the requested resource

400 -- Error requests, such as syntax errors
401 -- Authorization request failed
402 -- Leave the valid ChargeTo header response
403 -- Request not allowed
404 -- No files, queries, or URl found
405 -- The method defined by the user in the ES51en-Line field is not allowed
406 -- Requested resource inaccessible based on Accept drag sent by user
407 -- Similar to 401, the user must first be authorized on the proxy server
408 -- The client did not complete the request within the time specified by the user
409 -- The request could not be completed for the current resource state
410 -- This resource is no longer available on the server and there is no further reference address
411 -- The server rejects the user-defined ES60en-Length property request
412 -- One or more request header fields are incorrect in the current request
413 -- The requested resource is larger than the server allows
414 -- The requested resource URL is longer than the server allows
415 -- The requested resource does not support the requested project format
416 -- Request contains Range request header field, no range indication value in current request resource scope, request
The ES71en-Range request header field is also not included
417 -- The server does not meet the expected value specified by the request Expect header field, possibly below if it is a proxy server
The level 1 server was unable to meet the request

500 -- The server generated an internal error
501 - The server does not support requested functions
502 -- The server is temporarily unavailable, sometimes to prevent system overloads
503 -- The server is overloaded or suspended for maintenance
504 -- The gateway is overloaded, the server USES another gateway or service to respond to the user, and the waiting time is set to be long
505 -- The server does not support or reject the version of HTTP specified in the back request header

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