An in depth analysis of php htmlspecialchars of and shtmlspecialchars of functions

  • 2020-06-07 04:07:04
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Definition and usage
The htmlspecialchars() function converts 1 of the predefined characters to HTML entities.

The predefined characters are:
• & (and sign) become & amp;
The & # 8226;" (double quotes) becomes & quot;
The & # 8226; '(single quote) becomes & #039;
• < (less than) become & lt;
• > (greater than) become & gt;

parameter describe string A necessity. Specifies the string to be converted. quotestyle

Optional. Specifies how to encode single and double quotes.

ENT_COMPAT - Default. Encode only double quotes. ENT_QUOTES - encodes double and single quotes. ENT_NOQUOTES - does not encode any quotes. character-set

Optional. String value, specifying the character set to be used.

ISO-8859-1 - Default. Western Europe. ISO-8859-15 - Western Europe (added Euro symbols and French and Finnish letters). UTF-8-ASCII is compatible with multi-byte 8-bit Unicode cp866-DOS Special Cyrillic Character Set cp1251-Windows Special Cyrillic Character Set cp 1252-Windows Special Western European Character set KOI8 R - Russian GB2312 - Simplified Chinese character Set, National Standard character Set BIG5 - Traditional Chinese BIG5-HKSCS-Big5 Hong Kong Extension Shift_JIS - Japanese EUC JP - Japanese
Hints and comments
Tip: Unrecognized character sets will be ignored and replaced by ISO-8859-1.

        $str = "John & 'Adams'";
        echo htmlspecialchars($str, ENT_COMPAT);
        echo "<br />";
        echo htmlspecialchars($str, ENT_QUOTES);
        echo "<br />";
        echo htmlspecialchars($str, ENT_NOQUOTES);

Browser output:

John & 'Adams'
John & 'Adams'
John & 'Adams' 

If you look at the source code in a browser, you'll see these HTML:

    John &amp; 'Adams'<br />John &amp; &#039;Adams&#039;<br />John &amp; 'Adams'    </body>

The shtmlspecialchars() function is the opposite

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