Dive into the details of the php var_dump of function

  • 2020-06-03 06:08:56
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The php var_dump function determines the type and length of a variable and outputs the value of the variable. If the variable has a value, it inputs the value of the variable and returns the data type.
Take a look at var_dump syntax:

var_dump (var,var,bar);

Let's take a look at my first example.

  $ta =1;
  $tb ='t';
  echo var_dump($ta,$tb);

The output is

int(1) string(1) "t"

The first number is int(1).
Simple, but one thing to note, with var_dump, the variable must exist. If the variable exists but has an empty value, it will return false.

PHP: What is the var_dump() function for?
Such as var_dump ($get); What does that mean?
This function displays structural information about one or more expressions, including the type and value of the expression.

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