PHP object oriented membership method

  • 2020-06-01 08:59:44
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Use 1 column to read the members: you can write 1 by yourself to deepen your understanding.

So one of these requirements; Wish people could talk, do arithmetic... , so we need to use the member method:
1, add speak member method, output I am xiaoming
2. Add jisuan member method, which can be calculated from 1+.. The result of + 1000
3. Modify the jisuan member method, which can receive 1 number n and calculate 1+.. The result of + n
4. Add the add member method to calculate the sum of two Numbers

Reference code:

    class Person{

        public $name;
        public $age;
        // Add member method 
        public function speak(){

            echo " I am xiao Ming ";

        public function jisuan(){
            // Calculated from the  1+..+1000 The results of the 
            $result =0;
            // Take the result of the calculation ruturn  return 
            return $result;
        public function jisuan2($n){
            // Calculated from the  1+..+n The results of the 
            return $result;
        // To calculate 2 The number and 
        public function add($num1,$num2){
            return $num1+$num2;
    $person1=new Person;
    // Talk to people 
    // To calculate 
    echo '<br/>'.$person1->jisuan();
    //echo '<br/>'.$person1->jisuan(100);
    // With parameters 
    echo ' The result of the calculation is :'.$person1->jisuan2(5);
    // To calculate 2 The number and 
    echo "<br/>50+50=".$person1->add(50,51);

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