Framework introduction based on initPHP

  • 2020-06-01 08:23:48
  • OfStack

initPHP is a lightweight php development framework with a layered architecture, suitable for large and medium-sized web architecture. Provides a rich library class library, as well as a simple framework extension mechanism. InitPHP also provides detailed development documentation to make it easier for you to use the framework. InitPHP implements the abstract DB layer, layered architecture, cache seamless switching mechanism, simple template mechanism, multi-model deployment mechanism, and powerful security system, which is a sharp tool for the rapid development of php applications.

InitPHP framework is an open source php framework, free, open source, with strong technical team support

InitPHP framework is a layered system framework, with a good layered structure. It optimizes the layered structure of MVC to make the project more reasonable

InitPHP supports grouping, multiple entries, URL rewrite, multiple domain names, and multiple template themes

InitPHP supports databases such as MYSQL and MSSQL, and supports distributed databases and multi-database connection. Supports file caching, database caching, Memcache caching, etc., and can easily switch cache types

InitPHP provides rich Util tool library and Library extended class library, which is easy to extend and use

InitPHP provides a powerful security mechanism to escort your projects

All API provided by InitPHP can be found in the documentation and is easy to use to speed up development.

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