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Configure system constants
1. Check and configure these preferences while the file system is working
These default values add security to the system when the file system is running, but when the underlying php or apache is running a separate process for each user, the base 8 values are always correct
FILE_READ_MODE read the file mode
The mode FILE_WRITE_MODE writes to the file
DIR_READ_MODE reads the directory mode
DIR_WRITE_MODE writes to the directory

2. File flow mode
We need these patterns when using fopen()/popen()
define('FOPEN_READ', 'rb');
define('FOPEN_READ_WRITE', 'r+b');
define('FOPEN_WRITE_CREATE', 'ab');
define('FOPEN_READ_WRITE_CREATE', 'a+b');

File source:

<?php  if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');  

| File and Directory Modes 

| These prefs  Console, preferences  are used when checking and setting modes when working 
| with the file system.  The defaults are fine  A fine  on servers with proper 
| security, but you may wish (or even need) to change the values in 
| certain environments (Apache running a separate process for each 
| user, PHP under CGI with Apache suEXEC, etc.).  Octal values should 
| always be used to set the mode correctly. 

define('FILE_READ_MODE', 0644);  
define('FILE_WRITE_MODE', 0666);  
define('DIR_READ_MODE', 0755);  
define('DIR_WRITE_MODE', 0777);  

| File Stream Modes  File flow mode  

| These modes are used when working with fopen()/popen() 


define('FOPEN_READ',                            'rb');  
define('FOPEN_READ_WRITE',                      'r+b');  
define('FOPEN_WRITE_CREATE_DESTRUCTIVE',        'wb'); // truncates existing file data, use with care  
define('FOPEN_READ_WRITE_CREATE_DESTRUCTIVE',   'w+b'); // truncates existing file data, use with care  
define('FOPEN_WRITE_CREATE',                    'ab');  
define('FOPEN_READ_WRITE_CREATE',               'a+b');  
define('FOPEN_WRITE_CREATE_STRICT',             'xb');  
define('FOPEN_READ_WRITE_CREATE_STRICT',        'x+b');  

/* End of file constants.php */  
/* Location: ./application/config/constants.php */  

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