An example of querying data using a temporary table in php

  • 2020-05-27 04:36:41
  • OfStack

$sql3="CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE atmp_table(uid int(11),dnum int(20) not null)";  
$sql3="INSERT into atmp_table(uid,dnum) SELECT uid,count(soid) as dnum  
        FROM `cy_score2`  
        where (nei=' download ' or nei=' Download the test questions ')    
        group by uid having dnum>150  
        order by dnum desc limit 10";  
$sql3="select a.uid,count(b.tid) as unum from atmp_table a left join cy_test b on a.uid=b.uid  
        group by b.uid  
        order by a.dnum desc,unum asc limit 5";  
$rs=mysql_fetch_array($query4) ;

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