phpMyAdmin failed to load the mcrypt extension. Please check the PHP configuration solution

  • 2020-05-16 06:27:15
  • OfStack

1. The Mysql database was not installed correctly, and the Mysql related services in the system service were not started (please check the method to install Mysql correctly).

The libmcrypt.dll file is missing in the system32 (C:\windows\system32) directory of the system. The solution is to find libmcrypt.dll in the php directory, copy libmcrypt.dll to C:\windows\system32 directory, and then restart the Web service.

3. In the php. ini file under C:\windows, there is no "; extension= php_mcrypt.dll ";" The solution is to open the php.ini file
extension= php_mcrypt.dll // Into law

4. Mysql directory does not have read permissions, the correct directory permissions are as follows:
administrator is fully controlled
system is fully controlled

user read plus run
Delete all other user privileges (you can also keep them, but the security is not high, it is recommended to delete them), and then restart MYsql service and Web service (it is recommended to modify this and restart the server for 1 time).
When you've tried it all and it still doesn't work, there's actually one more step, and it's rarely said on the Internet, the solution, my solution is 2003+IIS+PHP5+MYSQL5

desktop > My computer > Right click properties > senior > The environment variable > System variables > new

Name: phprc
Value: c:\php(your PHP is what it is in the directory)

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