What is the maximum supported length of an Oracle database table name

  • 2021-12-19 07:14:26
  • OfStack

This article describes the maximum length of table names that can be used in Oralce databases. This length is also the maximum length of Oracle identifiers, which is 30 characters.

When this site is building an Oracle database table today, it is suggested that the length of the following table name exceeds the maximum value. The error is as follows:

Error reporting :
SQL Errors : ORA-00972: Identifier is too long
00972. 00000 -  "identifier is too long"
*Cause:    An identifier with more than 30 characters was specified.
*Action:   Specify at most 30 characters.

It can be seen from this error prompt:

1. The so-called identifier, that is, user-defined keywords, compare table names, field names, view names, sequence names, primary keys, etc. Table names also belong to identifiers.

2. Identifiers are limited in length.

3. The maximum length of an identifier in Oracle is 30 characters.

Therefore, when we operate the Oracle database in the future, be careful not to set the length of the table name to exceed 30 characters.

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