Solution of Parallel Query Error in Oracle Database

  • 2021-11-14 07:24:08
  • OfStack

The parallel query of Oracle uses Server Process of multiple operating system levels to complete one SQL query at the same time. This paper explains the solution to the error of parallel query of Oracle database as follows:

1. Error description

ORA-12801:  Parallel query server P007 Send an error signal in 
ORA-01722: Invalid number 
12801.00000 -"error signaled in parallel query server %s"
*Cause: A parallel query server reached an exception condition.
*Action: Check the following error message for the cause,and consult your error manual for the appropriate action.
*Comment: This error can be turned off with event 10397,in which case the server's actual error is signaled instead.

2. Cause of error

An error occurred while adding parallelism

3. Solutions

Ensure that the added parallelism and persistence in the query are 1, and ensure that the query parameters are consistent with the data type 1 in the database table

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