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How does [Q] query special characters such as wildcards % and _
How do [Q] insert single quotes into database tables
[Q] How to set transaction 1 sex
[Q] How to update data with cursor
[Q] How to customize exceptions
[Q] Conversion of base 10 to base 106
[Q] Can you explain the use of SYS_CONTEXT in detail
[Q] How to get today is the day of the week, also about other date function usage
[Q] Problem of randomly selecting previous N records
[Q] extracts records from Lines N to M, such as 20 to 30
[Q] How to extract duplicate records
[Q] How to set up autonomous transactions
[Q] How to pause a specified time during a procedure
[Q] How to quickly calculate transaction time and log volume
How do [Q] create temporary tables
[Q] How do I execute DDL statements in PL/SQL
How do I get the IP address
[Q] How to encrypt stored procedures
[Q] How to run stored procedures regularly in ORACLE
[Q] How do You get milliseconds from a database
[Q] Update if it exists, insert if it doesn't exist can be implemented with 1 statement
[Q] How to achieve left link, right link and external link
[Q] How to achieve 1 record based on condition multi-table insert
[Q] How to achieve column and column conversion
[Q] How to realize the N records before grouping fetch
How do You combine adjacent records into one record
[Q] How do I get the value large for N in column 1?
[Q] How to output query content to text
[Q] How do I set the caller permissions for stored procedures
[Q] How do I execute the OS command in the SQL*PLUS environment?
[Q] How do I quickly get the number of records per table or table partition for a user
[Q] How to send emails in Oracle
[Q] How to write operating system files, such as logs, in Oracle
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