Oracle captures the problem SQL resolves the CPU transition consumption

  • 2020-06-01 11:12:24
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The ORACLE tutorial you are looking at is :Oracle captures the problem SQL solves the CPU transition consumption. This paper attempts to provide a diagnosis method of a common CPU consumption problem through a case of adjustment in a real business system. In most cases, the performance problems of the system are caused by bad SQL code, so as DBA, how to find and solve these SQL problems is particularly important.

This case platform is UNIX, so it is inevitable to apply some common tools under Unix, such as vmstat,top and so on.

This article is intended for medium to high level readers.

System environment:

OS: Solaris8


Problem description:

The developer reports that the system is running slowly and has affected the normal use of the business system. Request assistance in diagnosis.

1. Log in the database host

Using the vmstat check, it was found that the CPU resource was exhausted and that a large number of tasks were on the run queue:

2. Use the Top command

When the process CPU consumption was observed, it was not found that the process CPU consumption was significantly higher

3. Check the number of processes

The system was found to have a large number of Oracle processes, around 300, which consumed almost all CPU resources, while the normal number of Oracle connections would be around 100.

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