centos mysql modifies the database directory

  • 2020-06-03 08:34:44
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MySQL's default data file store directory, /var/lib/mysql, is now modified to /home/data/mysql
cd /home
mkdir data // Build data under home
mysqladmin-root-p // Stop the PROCESS of MySQL service:
mv/var/lib/mysql/home data / / / move
cp/etc/my cnf/etc/my cnf / / in/etc/directory to find my cnf configuration file

[If you cannot find it, go to /usr/share/mysql/ to find *.cnf file, copy 1 to /etc/ and rename it my.cnf,
cp usr/share mysql/my - medium. cnf/etc/my cnf
Edit the configuration file /etc/ my.cnf of MySQL to make MySQL work normally, indicate the location of mysql.sock file.
Modify the

The operation process
vi my cnf
# The MySQL server
port = 3306
# socket = / var lib/mysql/mysql sock / / the original content, in order to err on the side with "#" comments on the trip, add the following line
socket = / home/data/mysql/mysql sock

Modify MySQL startup scripts/etc/rc d/init d/mysql
Modify the
Modified to:

Restart the MySQL service
/ etc rc. d/init. d/mysqlstart
Or the reboot command to restart Linux

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