mysql launches error 2003 and 1067 error problem resolution methods

  • 2020-06-01 11:09:56
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When mysql is installed, it is often found that it cannot start normally. The most common error encountered is error 2003. The solutions are as follows:

mysqld -nt -remove

mysqld -nt -install

Restart mysql

net start mysql

You may also encounter service 1067 errors for two reasons:

(1) there is a problem with the configuration of my.ini's basedir and datadir directories, which can be modified in the following example:

basedir=d:/ MySQL5.0 /#mysql installation location
datadir=d:/ MySQL5.0 /data# data location

However, 1 will not appear this problem.

(2) this version does not support the default engine for my.ini, so look for the following text in my.ini:

# The default storage engine that will be used when create new tables when
Change "INNODB "to "MYISAM" to read:

I had this problem in the first place

After modifying the file, launch mysql, net start mysql. Note that the command I'm saying 1 must be executed in the bin directory. Because that's where the mysql, mysqld, mysqladmin, and other 1 series executables are.

When there is a

The MySQL service is starting

The MySQL service started successfully

, indicating that the service started normally.


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