MySQL database export and import and common error resolution

  • 2020-05-30 21:12:02
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MySQL command line export database:

1, enter the bin folder in the MySQL directory: the directory from cd MySQL to bin folder

As I typed the command line: cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 4.1\bin

(or simply add the directory to windows's environment variable path)

2. Export database: mysqldump-u username -p database name > Exported file name

As I typed the command line: mysqldump-u root-p jluibmclub > d:\ jluibmclub.sql (this will allow you to enter your password into MySQL)

(if you export a single table, enter the table name after the database name.)

In the cmd command box, type C:/mysql/bin > mysqldump -uroot -p jluibmclub > d:\ jluibmclub .sql ;

Error message: mysqldump: Got error: 1049: Unknown database 'jluibmclub; 'when selecting the database, can't recognize jluibmclub database.

But here I am:

mysql > show databases;



| Database |


| jpa |


mysql > use jpa;


Database changed

The reason is simple, just remember one point. Not entering the mysql environment does not count as executing the sql statement, so there is no need to add a comma ("; ") after it. ).

If you enter mysql environment mysql > , then the input statement belongs to sql statement, and a comma ("; ") must be added at the end of the statement 1. ).

3. You will see that the file news.sql is automatically generated into the d diskette. If you do not specify the diskette, it will be in the bin directory by default.

Command line import database:

1, enter MySQL: mysql-u username -p

As I typed the command line: mysql-u root-p (enter the same and you will be asked to enter the MySQL password)

2. In MySQL-Front, create the new database you want to build. This is an empty database, such as create a new target database named news

3. Input: mysql > use target database name

As I typed the command line :mysql > use news;

4. Import file: mysql > File name imported by source;

As I type the command line: mysql > source news. sql(relative pathname if in bin, absolute directory name if in other directories);

MySQL backup and restore are done using the mysqldump, mysql, and source commands.

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