Adding new fields (columns) to existing tables in MYSQL database

  • 2020-05-09 19:27:59
  • OfStack

ALTER TABLE ` The database name `.` The name of the table ` ADD COLUMN `PROCID` VARCHAR(6) DEFAULT '' AFTER `PPIDChanged`; 

In MYSQL, if it is a table name, database name, or column name, you need to use the accent under the ESC keyboard to add, modify, or update the corresponding column name.

Now, of course, most of them are using phpmyadmin or mysql graphical manipulation tools, or even methods that are temporary or have no graphical interface. You can use the graphical tools above.

Here are some recommended apps:

mysql graphics management tool Navicat 8.2 Chinese free version
SQL-Front v4.2 Build 2.7 cracked special edition

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