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After installing MYSQL, change the password of ROOT and use  
net   startmysql  
I had this problem when I started. Use the following command after  
c:\mysql\bin\mysqladmin-u   root   -p   shutdown  
No more net   start   mysql!  

MySQL 1067 error  

Q: my Mysql encountered   1067   error  

The error message is:  
A   system   error   has   occurred.  
System   error   1067   has   occurred.  
The   process   terminated   unexpectedly.  

A: on my plane the solution is:  
Modify %windir%\ my.ini and add  
Set basedir to point to  
, the installation path for mysql basedir=D:\Program\Tools\mysql  

It's done!!  
It seems so...  
mysql_install_db script only need to run the installation for the first time once, don't have to run after, don't know if it the way it is. I put mysql server copy to/etc/rc d/init d /, run chkconfig   mysql. server, thus mysql server each start automatically switched on, as long as the set PATH, on the command line input mysql all done!  
It seems that the process of groping is really painful ah, it has tortured me for several days...  


Q: my Mysql encountered   1067   error  

The error message is:  

A   system   error   has   occurred.  
System   error   1067   has   occurred.  
The   process   terminated   unexpectedly.  


1. Check if your Mysql directory gives the system System user permission.  
2. Delete your   %WINDOWS%/ my.ini   file.  
3. Check that your   c:/ my.cnf   file configuration is correct.  


*   MySql    
The default installation directory of MySql is c:mysql. After the installation, there is no prompt to say the installation is over. If you need to install to another directory, it is recommended to install to c:mysql first, and then the entire directory move to where you want, for example, after moving to d:mysql  ,   d: mysqlmy-example.cnf   (*.cnf) will be registered as   SpeedDial in Windows   2000. This cannot be done in explorer. However, this file is a text file format under the UNIX system. It cannot wrap properly in notepad, so you can use write to open editing,  
Or open it with write and save it once, then edit it with notepad.) Find the basedir line, remove the "#" comment in front, change the following path to the moved directory (use a slash instead of a backslash for the directory separator), and save as: c: my.cnf  
MySql started in service mode, if stopped with   net   stop   mysql  , will get an   error message, such as  
C: > net   stop   mysql  
MySql   service is being discontinued.  
System error.  
System error   1067  .  
The process terminated unexpectedly.  
MySql   service has been stopped successfully.  
It doesn't matter. MySql has indeed stopped. But suppose you don't want to see any error messages  
If so, stop with the following command:  
C: > mysqlbinmysqladmin   -u   root   shutdown  
If there is no message, MySql has stopped successfully.  
It is important to note that MySql is a database management system based on SQL, although it claims to be easy to install and easy to use. So if you are not proficient in SQL, what can you do with  


The mysql service could not start the solution  
The mysql service could not start  

My operating system is   win   xp  
No matter what version of mysql is installed, an error is reported in the middle of starting the mysql service in the administrative tools service   local computer   could not start mysql service   error 1067: process aborted  

After seeking advice from many parties, the solution is as follows:  

Find the my.ini file in the directory of the system (later verified to be the windows directory), edit the content (if not, create a new one), and at least include the basic configuration of basedir and datadir.  
#   set   basedir   to   installation   path,   e.g.,   c:/mysql  
#   is set to MYSQL's installation directory  
#   set   datadir   to   location   of   data   directory,  
#   e.g.,   c:/mysql/data   or   d:/mydata/data  
#   is set to MYSQL's data directory  

Also, consider  
The above is the configuration setting WinMySQLadmin  

hehe~   solved  

Just completed Mysql   "keyword   1067 error"  
I was so depressed that I even failed to think of installing Mysql. The error code was 1067.   was installed and uninstalled several times. Here's how I ended up:  

Find my.ini   in C:\windows and then delete   and then start mysql

mysql   error   1067:   process accidentally terminated  
This problem has been bothering for a whole morning, very depressed! I've never had a problem with the mysql before, but now I have a problem with the higher version. I have the same problem with the lower version (the most important thing is that the operating system is the same). Starting the mysql service in windows2000 always pops up "error   1067:   process unexpectedly terminated"!  

I felt that the problem was in the configuration file, so I rewrote my.ini, and it still started with the same effect. At this moment in the eyes of a bright, a senior person's guidance is I suddenly enlightened, your ini files have been placed in the windows directory, I from the personal directory of windows directory, copy it to the system windows directory, start the service, ok!!

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