Linux Common English Error Chinese translation of novice must know

  • 2021-01-06 00:52:49
  • OfStack

1. The command not command was not found

2.No such file or directory does not have this file or directory

Permission - denied permissions are insufficient

4. There is no space left on No space left on device disk

5. The File file already exists

6.Is a directory This is a directory

7.Not a directory is not a directory

8.Warning: Changing a readonly file Warning: change 1 read-only file

9.Found a swap file by the name ".1.swp" is a file named 1.swp

The ES57en editor encountered an unexpected closed file with a cache file.

10.unrecognized option '--oldboy

11.No route to host is not routed to host (firewall is open)

12.connection refused connection refused (firewall not closed or service port not open)

13.Access denied Access Denied (Permission or selinux)

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