Configure multiple tomcat implementation instances under the linux server

  • 2020-05-30 21:57:40
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Configure tomcat under linux server

Vehicle trading system module, is being done. The boss wanted to see it so that the people in the city could give their opinion. So add another tomcat to the server.

It was configured before, the configuration process is actually very simple, too careless this time, looking for a long time problem.

The first is to copy one tomcat and put it in a new location. This tomcat is the new tomcat I'm going to use.

Then configure the output location of the log 1, or, in the bin directory. How to configure on the net have, ha ha.

Then modify server.xml to configure the virtual directory and port information. At this point, protocol1 under the connector node must be aware that this has been a long time coming. If not, use the default configuration "HTTP-1.1", which was copied from our original system, and this property is:

org. apache. coyote. http11. Http11AprProtocol. This required the installation of apr and native, so 1 did not succeed.

I found the problem when I looked at the log log in the background. What was annoying was that I was looking at the out log in the background.

Installation steps:

1. Copy tomcat and configure port and virtual directory.

2. Check whether tomcat can be started normally.

3. If not successful, command:

ps -ef | grep tomcat

Check the tomcat process id that you want to use.

To use:

netstat -tupln | grep 4399 

Check to see if tomcat's port is correct.

4, pay attention to the firewall, port 1 must be open.

Thank you for reading, I hope to help you, thank you for your support of this site!

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