Under Linux modify jar zip and other documents in detail

  • 2020-05-27 07:59:00
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Under Linux, modify jar, zip and other documents in detail

When I see many colleagues modifying text files in Linux or zip packages, I usually download the jar package or zip package first, modify them, and then upload them. In fact, Linux provides the corresponding operation function for such files.

When modifying Linxu files, use the vi or vim commands. The same command can be used to modify the jar package or zip.
Perform vi or vim on the file.

vim xxx.jar

After execution, the files in the jar package or zip package are displayed.

Find the file by the file name with the following command:


For example, the command above looks up the index.ftl file directly. Then move the cursor to the file, press enter, and enter edit mode. Edit finished, like when using vim command 1, save exit.

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