Port 80 is occupied. Apache failed to launch the solution

  • 2020-05-27 07:57:19
  • OfStack

During the local installation of dream system, APMServ was used to configure the local environment. When I tested it, port 80 was not occupied. Apache started successfully. √ MySQL 5.1 started is Apache failed to start. √ MySQL 5.1 failed to start, but eventually succeeded by trial and error. A lot of beginners must be like me 1 often encountered this kind of problem. Write it down. Little things mean a lot.

1. At the beginning, the path of my Apache installation was D: \ he biyu personal \ APMServ5.2.6. I didn't notice that the path of Apache installation could not contain Chinese characters and Spaces, so I changed the path in step 1 and changed my path to D: \ APMServ5.2.6.

2. It is less convenient to change Apache port to stop other port 80 users. Modify port 80, change the path D:\ APMServ5.2.6 \Apache\conf\ httpd.conf from 80 to 8011, and change the port at the bottom left of the interface to 8011

3. Change the path. Find D: \ APMServ5. 2.6 \ Apache \ conf \ extra \ httpd - ssl E in conf: / APMServ/www/cgi - bin (fixed for E: wrong file path) to D: / APMServ/www/cgi - bin.

4, the local configuration must be SSL, SSL is not checked.

5. Restart APMServ.

If you still fail to start, go to step 2 to see if the 80 in httpd has been changed to 8011. It should be ok to start again.

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