JVM parameter configuration details

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JVM parameter configuration

Set heap size

-ES7en initial heap size
-Xmx maximum heap size
-Xmn sets the young generation size
Set the stack size for each thread
-Xss sets the stack size for each thread

Set the young generation size

-ES22en :MaxNewSize= Set the young generation size
-ES25en :NewRatio= Set the ratio of the younger generation (including Eden and two Survivor regions) to the older generation (excluding the durable generation)
-ES30en :SurvivorRatio= Set the size ratio between Eden and Survivor in the young generation

Sets the persistent generation size

-ES39en :MaxPermSize= Sets the persistent generation size

-ES43en :MaxTenuringThreshold=0: Set the maximum age for garbage

Set the serial collector algorithm


Set up the parallel collector algorithm

-ES56en :+UseParallelGC sets up the parallel collector
-ES59en :ParallelGCThreads= Set the number of threads for parallel garbage collection
-ES62en :MaxGCPauseMillis= Specifies the maximum pause time for garbage collection
-ES65en :GCTimeRatio= Throughput is the ratio of garbage collection time to non-garbage collection time, default is 99
-ES68en :MaxGCPauseMillis= Set the maximum time for each generation of garbage collection
When the -ES71en :+UseAdaptiveSizePolicy option is set, the parallel collector automatically selects the young generation size and the corresponding proportion of Survivor
-ES75en :+UseParallelOldGC sets the parallel collection algorithm for old generations

Set up the concurrent collector algorithm

-ES82en :+UseConcMarkSweepGC set up old age to collect concurrent collection
-ES85en :+UseParNewGC set young for parallel collection
-ES88en :+CMSIncrementalMode set to incremental mode. For single CPU
-ES92en :CMSInitiatingOccupancyFraction= Specifies how much heap remains when concurrent collection begins
-ES95en :CMSFullGCsBeforeCompaction= Set the number of times GC runs after the memory space compression, collation
-ES99en :+UseCMSCompactAtFullCollection turns on compression for older generations

Garbage collection statistics

-ES112en :+PrintGCApplicationConcurrentTime print the uninterrupted execution time of the program before each garbage collection
-ES115en :+PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime print garbage collection duration of program pauses
-ES118en :PrintHeapAtGC prints detailed stack information before and after GC

Call Heap Dump


Information about the print heap when controlling OutOfMemoryError

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